Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hand Held Embroidery Frame

This beautiful embroidery frame was made for me by Nissie Vermeulen of Bettys Bay, South Africa. I used a hanky handed down to me by my Dutch Grand Mother, and using 48count silk gauze as waste thread I stitched my own design. The needle is a tiny piece cut off an acupuncture needle. The lace is delighfully fine and I was able to use a piece I had cut off to complete the edging.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cat Challenge on Petit Point group on Yahoo

These dear cats and bunnies are stitched on 48 count silk gauze using DMC threads.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ladies Spectacle Case

This case has been stitched on 48 count silk gauze and is my own design, it will also be one of my submissions to the auction. I hope the complete a gents case as well so watch this space....

The Phoenix Shield

After completing the Horse and Lion shields I was in a very creative phase and created the Phoenix! He is also done on 32 count linen and I am submitting him to our annual auction being held in Somerset West on the 20th March, to view items for auction please visit from the 3rd March.

The Horse and Lions Shields

I was inspired to create the shields when a friend needed something in her Tudor Market Hall, the lion and horse designs have been adapted from a pattern I found in an old magazine but the shields are my own creation. I stitched them on 32 count linen fabric using DMC threads.

Florentine Footstools

These footstools have been stitched on 48 count silk gauze, and I have used DMC thread for the pink, green and blue stools and the purple one is done in YLI 100 silk thread. They are on wooden bases with small round feet.